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EU: Review of Mercury Regulation open for comments

Dear mercury-free dentists,

The European Commission is discussing phasing out amalgam by 2030 at the latest and is currently assessing the impact in order to prepare its legislative proposal for December 2022. Right now, there are two opportunities for you to make an impact – and I urge you to participate in both:

1. Consultant survey

First, the European Commission hired consultants to reach out to stakeholders with a targeted survey being directed at ministries, health insurers, manufacturers, distributors and dentists.

As dentists, you will be asked,

-whether alternatives to amalgam are practicable,
-what challenges are associated with the use of alternatives,
-what alternatives are used and how often,
-whether you are ready for the transition to mercury-free dentistry,
-whether there are risks associated with using alternatives that still need to be studied,
-how much amalgam is used in your country, and
-what the price difference is for an effective and safe alternative.

Please participate in the survey and in particular, you should indicate that:

(1) Alternatives are practicable,
(2) you are ready for the immediate transition to mercury-free dentistry without exceptions (since you do not use amalgam), and
(3) safe (or more safe) and effective alternatives are available.
(4) mercury-free alternatives are affordable and no more expensive than amalgam (especially after environmental costs are considered)

The link to the targeted survey (English) can be found at the following website: https://rpaltd.co.uk/mercuryrevision (Deadline is March 25, 2022).

2. Public Survey

Second, the European Commission is also doing a survey. Corresponding questions can be found in a second public survey (in all European Languages) of the Commission, which is addressed not only to dental stakeholders, but to all EU and non-EU citizens : https://ec.europa.eu/info/law/better-regulation/have-your-say/initiatives/12924-Quecksilber-Uberarbeitung-der-EU-Rechtsvorschriften/public-consultation_de
(Deadline is May 3, 2022).

Here is the Link to the Press Release of the European Commission:


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