At the margin of the International Conference on Metal Detoxification – MetDetox in Berlin international scientists call on global leaders to ban dental amalgam now, because:

• Mercury is one of the most toxic elements on earth and the anthropogenetic emission is increasing. Once emitted to the environment it circulates and is very hard to capture. Mercury poses a risk for secondary poisoning by entering our food chain.

• Dental amalgam consists of 50 % mercury and the use of mercury in dental amalgam is a significant source of pollution.

• Dental amalgam is also the main source of direct exposure of mercury to patients.

• Mercury is neurotoxic, affects the immune system and causes multiple health effects.

• Mercury can transform or react with other substances which can further increase the toxicity.

• The toleration of the exposure from mercury is very individual. It can depend on the genetic disposition or on the multiple toxic burdens of the patient.

Even smallest amounts of mercury can have serious health effect. Dental amalgam should be banned, taking the vulnerability of people into account.