Newsletter 1/22

Dear Readers,

At COP4 of the Minamata Convention the world will debate in just two weeks whether to phase out or to keep dental amalgam. Now here are some news:

Manufacturers are throwing in the towel!

The new Medical Devices Regulation is a major challenge and the supply of amalgam might dry up in Europe by 2025.

Moreover, the environmental impacts should lead to a decision for a phase out sooner rather than later.

Effective and affordable alternatives are available, as evidenced by the many countries that have already transitioned to mercury-free dentistry.

But please allow me to address you with another current concern:

We are all deeply shocked by the events of the last few days. The attack on Ukraine is an attack on the ideals of freedom and democracy that we share with the people of Ukraine.

Show your solidarity.

Florian Schulze

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