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Prevention of toxic burdens

Our mission is to advocate and support the adoption and implementation of a legally binding instrument which contains mandatory obligations to eliminate where feasible, and otherwise minimize, the global supply and trade of mercury, the global demand for mercury, anthropogenic releases of mercury to the environment, and human and wildlife exposure to mercury.

Dental amalgam

Amalgam fillings consist of more than 50% highly toxic mercury. In dentistry, this material has been highly controversial since its introduction at the beginning of the 19th century and was even temporarily banned in the USA. However, the use of this material has been able to assert itself primarily due to a lack of cost-effective alternatives. In addition, advocates assumed that mercury was firmly embedded in the fillings. Since a WHO study in 1991, however, it has been confirmed that mercury constantly dissolves from the fillings, more than is absorbed by humans through food or breath.
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Environmental Dental Medicine

Environmental Dental Medicine is a new interdisciplinary discipline for dentists, dental assistants, doctors and dental technicians. Environmental dentists focus on the comprehensive dental treatment of chronically ill patients as well as the application of individual preventive treatment concepts with the aim of preventing or alleviating chronic inflammatory diseases far away from the oral cavity.
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