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The EnvMed Network is a nonprofit organisation engaged in establishing Environmental Medicine in Europe. Given the increasing amount of harmful chemicals in the environment and the growing scientific evidence of correlations with chronic diseases, we are committed to reduce environmental exposures, promoting research into health links and treatments, better aligning medical care with these findings, and facilitating patient access to analysis.

Dental Amalgam


EU Commission wants to ban dental amalgam by 2025

The European Commission has published a draft legislation to phase out dental amalgam in 2025. The revision of the EU Mercury Regulation has been expected since December 2022 and includes a ban on mercury-containing lamps, effectively stoping all remaining intentional uses of mercury in the EU…

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PARC: Stakeholder Forum Meeting

The first in-person stakeholder forum meeting of the Partnership for the Assessment of the Risks from Chemicals (PARC) was held in Athens on 28 June 2023. The main achievements were presented and the priorities and needs of the stakeholders were discussed…

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Global Dental Amalgam Tracker

Global Overview of Countries Phasing Out Dental Amalgam: According to the Minamata Conventions Full National Reports 2021, the MIAs, or other official documents, the global transition to a mercury-free dentistry is fully underway…

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Plans to phase out Dental Amalgam in Europe

In line with the European Mercury Regulation (EU 2017/852), member states were required to submit National Action Plans (by 1 July 2019) to reduce the use of dental amalgam and preferably phase it out by 2030. 26 of 27 national plans were published…

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Clinical Environmental Medicine

The health impact of chemicals in the environment is constantly increasing. There is a significant associated rise in neurological, autoimmune and cancer diseases. Male fertility decreases dramatically. However, when patients visit the doctor, hardly any examinations are carried out for possible chemical exposures.


We bring researchers and practitioners in the fields of metal biology, medicine and medical geology together to showcase the recent developments and address global challenges we face today within the field of metal toxicity.

Prevention of Toxic Burdens

Our mission is to advocate and support the adoption and implementation of a legally binding instrument which contains mandatory obligations to eliminate where feasible, and otherwise minimize, the global supply and trade of mercury, the global demand for mercury, anthropogenic releases of mercury to the environment, and human and wildlife exposure to mercury.

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