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Dr. med. Joachim Mutter

Dr. med. Joachim Mutter worked as a physician since January 2000, initially in internal medicine, after training and working as an electronics technician for energy devices, after graduating from high school and studying medicine (University of Freiburg). From 2001
until 2008 he worked at the University Hospital Freiburg and completed his training as a specialist for hygiene and environmental medicine as well as additional qualifications for naturopathic treatment and acupuncture. Since 2009, he has been running a doctor’s practice for causal medicine in Constance. Since 2016 he has also been deputy chief physician at Paracelsus Clinica Alronc, Switzerland. He is a lecturer with lectures and seminars at home and abroad, including at the University of Warsaw (on autism), the European University of Frankfurt (Oder), the Bavarian State Parliament (on mobile radio) and before European politicians in Luxembourg and Brussels (on amalgam and mobile radio). He has published scientific studies and has also become known as a reviewer for courts and scientific journals as well as through interviews in journals, radio and television. The main goal is effective prevention and treatment of the most common diseases and improvement of performance, even in top athletes.


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