Webinar on “Phasing Out Dental Amalgam: An Emerging Need to Eliminate Mercury in
Products”, 9th October, 2023 at 14:45 to 15:45 CET

This webinar on “Phasing Out Dental Amalgam: An Emerging Need to Eliminate Mercury in
Products” would be a significant initiative aimed at addressing the use of dental amalgam
containing mercury, scheduled in line with the Minamata COP-5 (Fifth Meeting of the
Conference of the Parties to the Minamata Convention on Mercury). The event is hosted by
the World Alliance for Mercury-Free Dentistry, partnering with CEHF (Children’s
Environmental Health Foundation), Zambia. This collaboration reflects a concerted effort to
advocate for the reduction and eventual elimination of dental amalgam containing mercury.

The primary objective of this event is to discuss and explain the proposed amendments by the
African region to Part I and II of Annex A of the Minamata Convention to pertain the phasing out
of dental amalgam at a global level. Dental amalgam has been a source of concern due to its
mercury content, which can have detrimental environmental and health effects.

The event is designed as a one-hour open forum, which means it encourages active participation
and discussion. Expert guest speakers will provide insights, and attendees have the
opportunity to engage in discussions and ask questions. Furthermore, representatives from
various countries across the globe are part of the event, sharing their experiences with
phasing down and ultimately phasing out dental amalgam. This exchange of knowledge and
experiences can provide valuable insights into the challenges and successes of such initiatives.
One of the noteworthy aspects of this event is the collaboration between non-governmental
organizations (NGOs) and government bodies. This partnership reflects the importance of
involving both civil society and government in addressing complex issues like mercury use in

Overall, this event plays a vital role for raising awareness about the need to phase out dental
amalgam containing mercury globally, and for facilitating discussions among experts, NGOs,
and government representatives. It underscores the global commitment to reducing mercury
emissions and its adverse impacts on health and the environment.

List of Speakers:

• The President of the Minamata Convention, COP5, HE Honorable Claudia Dumitru
• The Minister of Environment of Burkina Faso, HE Honorable Roger Baro
• The Minister of Green Energy and Environment for Zambia, HE Honorable Collins Nzovu,
• The Secretary-General of Environment for Jordan, HE Honorable Mohammed
• The Deputy Director General, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vietnam, The longest-serving
Minamata delegate from Asia, Dr. Luu Hoang Ngoc
• The dentist in the Tunisia government who ordered the ban on amalgam for children and for
pregnant women for Tunisia, Dr. Aouatef Touihri
• From SPREP (the UNEP of the Pacific), the leader of the Mercury-Free Pacific campaign,
Joshua Sam
• HE Honorable Nilto Tatto, MP, Federal Deputy of Brasil Congress
Graeme Munro-Hall, Chief Dental Officer for World Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry
• Moderator: Gilbert Kuepouo, Centre de Recherche et d’Education Pour le Développement