Last Activities


Policies and programs

Policies and programs to reduce and eliminate toxins and others substances cased for environmental degradation and pollution-related hazards to children’s health and the public health.

Communication Strategies

Message development and communication strategies to show governments and the public why our future civilization depends on reducing and eliminating toxins and other environmental hazards.

Project (promote and implement)

Promote and implement project for mercury-free dentistry in Europe.

Gain support-Minamata Convention on Mercury

Gain support for ratification of the “Minamata Convention on Mercury”, and its implementation.


Expert Cooperation

Expertise to, and cooperation with, governments in Europe.


Assist NGOs

Assistance to NGOs who share similar goals in initiating and implementing environmental health related projects.


We want to expand our network

The European Network for Environmental Medicine will collaborate with funding agencies and charities to advance its mission. It may engage in shared funding projects with INGOs, NGOs or others in civil society’s organization and the government agencies directly and indirectly.