Geneva,  7 – 9 March 2023. Fifth meeting of the Implementation and Compliance Committee (ICC). The ICC is composed of three representatives by region and meets once a year in person. The EEB and the EnvMed Network participated as observers.

The Secretariat reported on responses submitted by Parties for the first full national reports on the progress in implementing the Minamata Convention and made suggestions for assisting the parties and improving the questionnaire.

An impressive number of 113 of 123 parties had replied to first full questionaire of the Minamata Convention by February 2023. In total this represents a 92 per cent reporting rate for the first reporting period running from 16 August 2017 to 31 December 2020.

In regard of dental amalgam, the reports revealed that only about 50% of the parties have actually implemented the required two or more measures to reduce the use of dental amalgam since August 2017 (28 Parties reported not having taken two or more measures and 29 reported on only one measure).

Here is an overview of the proposed meauseres by the Convention:

It was suggested that these Parties should submit additional information to the secretariat elaborating on the legal gaps or challenges identified and steps they are taking to address the gaps or challenges. Further these Parties should prepare a time schedule with clear milestones on implementing its plans to address legal gaps.

At the same time, however, the parties are to be reminded that they are to implement the Childrens Amendment by 28 September 2023:

Parties shall exclude or not allow, by taking measures as appropriate, or recommend against the use of dental amalgam for the dental treatment of deciduous teeth, of patients under 15 years and of pregnant and breastfeeding women, except when considered necessary by  the dental practitioner based on the needs of the patient.

It was further announced at the meeting that the Secretariat is organizing a workshop for parties that have not yet taken actions. From 21 to 23 June delegates from 22 Parties and experts will come to Geneva to discuss hurdles in the implementation in order to develop solutions.

Here is the official report: