With Order nr. 000006, the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs is prohibiting the manufacture, import, export, distribution and use of dental amalgams, mercury thermometers and mercury tensiometers in the Gabonese Republic.

The application of the decree takes effect from the date of signature, on 24 October 2023.

Here are the details related to dental amalgam:

  • The manufacture, import, export, marketing and use of dental amalgams are prohibited in Gabon.
  • Public or private dental care establishments are required to train their practitioners in mercury-free restoration techniques and methods as soon as this decree is signed. A training certificate will be issued on completion of this training. The model of the training certificate referred to in the above paragraph is set by decision of the Minister in charge of Health.
  • The replacement of old amalgams and the installation of mercury-free fillings must be preceded by discussions between the dental surgeon and the patient, to determine the most appropriate treatment solution. A sworn statement by the dentist concludes the discussion.
  • The fees charged by public and private establishments are those approved by the Minister in charge of Health and liquidated in accordance with current regulations. All health insurance companies operating in Gabon are prohibited from covering or reimbursing, for any reason whatsoever, medical procedures involving dental amalgam as soon as this Order is published.
  • The conclusions of the interviews referred to in Article 5 above are recorded in a register drawn up in accordance with the model established by Decision of the Minister in charge of Health. This register is kept up to date and is accessible to authorized inspection services. The design and updating of this register are the subject of a decree by the Minister in charge of Health.
  • The Agence Nationale du Médicament et des Autres Produits de Santé shall ensure the availability of mercury-free alternatives for high-quality dental practices.


Here is the official document in french:

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