EU Commission wants to ban dental amalgam by 2025

The European Commission has published a draft legislation to phase out dental amalgam in 2025. The revision of the EU Mercury Regulation has been expected since December 2022 and includes a ban on mercury-containing lamps, effectively stoping all remaining intentional uses of mercury in the EU…

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EU Mercury Regulation: Publication in July

The Draft Propsal of the Revision of the EU Mercury Regulation has passed the Commissions Interservice consultations. The adoption is finaly scheduled for July after its translation into the languages of the member states. The adoption should then be a mere formality. However, the delay

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Africa wants dental amalgam banned by 2030

Botswana and Burkina Faso have submitted a proposal on behalf of the African Region that the phase out of dental amalgam by 2030 should be considered at the next COP of the Minamata Convention in November. The Africa region proposes to include in Part I,

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