Slovenia published a national plan to phase out the use of dental amalgam by 2030 in three steps:

  • By Jan. 1, 2025  phase out the use of amalgam in adolescents and young adults aged 16 to 25.
  • By Jan. 1, 2027 phase out the use of amalgam in premolars (molars Nr. 4+5) in the general population
  • By Jan. 1, 2030 phase out the general use of amalgamFrom 2030 onwards, amalgam fillings will be used only in specific, exceptional cases.
The Slovenian public health services will reimburse alternative fillings (composites) instead of amalgam with a limitation for patients not having visited a dentist in the last two years. The Public health care system will be amended by the end of 2022.

This plan is another great example of how even countries with large use of amalgam can gradually implement the phase-out of amalgam and take the interests of dentists into account.

Here you can find the original Document from the Slovenian Ministry of Health:

Here you can find an updated overview of measures to reduce the use of Dental Amalgam in Europe: