Dental Amalgam

Global Dental Amalgam Tracker

Global Overview of Countries Phasing Out Dental Amalgam: According to the Minamata Conventions Full National Reports 2021, the MIAs, or other official documents, the global transition to a mercury-free dentistry is fully underway…

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Progress in the revision of the EU Mercury Regulation

The revision of the EU Mercury Regulation is well underway: In the Council, the Member States have examined the Commission proposal, in the Parliament the rapporteurs of the ENVI Committee have submitted their proposed amendments and set dates for votes, and the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) has issued a positive opinion…

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10 Reasons to Support Mercury-Free Dentistry

Amalgam pollutes our environment, endangers our health, damages teeth, endangers dental workers, is frequently implanted without informed consent, perpetuates social injustice, costs taxpayers, is diverted to illegal gold mining, is interchangeable with mercury-free filling materials and drives up the price of mercury-free alternatives…

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